About Us

Kemerton Refill & Refresh is a conv􀁙enient one-stop 􀁝zero waste refill shop specializ􀁝ing in re􀁘usable containers and organic plant-based cr􀁘uelty􀁜-free prod􀁘ucts. My􀁜 mission is to help o􀁘ur popu􀁘lation decrease the 􀁘unnecessary􀁜 w􀁚aste prod􀁘uced by single-u􀁘se disposable plastic prod􀁘ucts.

Not only are we striving to better the planet, we are also striving to offer the best chemical-free products for our customers. Zero waste with zero compromise. 

Bring in your containers from home to fill up or select from the variety of available glass bottles! 

Mesh Bags