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What is a refill store?


I am glad you asked. It is quite simple really. Our refill store offers refills for most daily used products eliminating the waste from single-use disposable containers.

1. Select a glass container in the shop


Bring a container from home

2. Grab a weight if you brought your own container at one of our handy weigh stations

3. Fill up with your favorite plant-based chemical-free products

4. Grab the weight again, see you at the checkout!

Use, Rinse, Refill, Repeat

We not only carry bath, body, home, laundry, etc. We also carry organic olive oils, vinegar, spices, coffee beans, loose teas, and dog treats, and the list keeps on growing for your refillable options. 

We are also pleased to offer reusable and compostable products, these make very unique gifts. So I guess you could also say we are a gift shop! 

"It's such a great concept, can't wait to go back."

"Love the rain incense."

"Everything great!"


"Amazing store!!!!Very helpful clerk, aesthetically pleasing, great for the environment, and VERY reasonable prices!! 1000% recommend!"


"Great products, great owner."

"Great shop and service!"

"Very personable owner. Enjoyed meeting her."


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