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Reading’s First Refill Store To Open This Weekend


October 22, 2021, Reading, PA


The first refill store will open this weekend in Reading, Pennsylvania called Kemerton Refill & Refresh. 


What is a refill store? A refill store sells household items such as cleaning supplies, personal care items, toiletries and more in refillable containers instead of single-use ones. Customers can refill any household item in any container in this one-stop shop for all sustainable household needs. All products sold in Kemerton Refill & Refresh are sustainable, non-toxic and cruelty-free. 


The days of buying one plastic bottle per use are coming to an end. The planet simply cannot sustain it much longer. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch grows at an alarming rate due to plastic pollution and scientists agree that the chemicals in household items are harming our bodies. Nicole Meckley, the store’s founder, aims to bring a solution to her community. 


“We can reduce our consumption to save the planet and use less plastic to improve our own health - one bottle at a time,” Meckley said. “I created this store for families like mine who want to find the safest items for their homes and reduce our footprint on the planet. I have three children and I built this business to help create a healthier planet for them.” 


Meckley has been a natural healer for three years. She is a vegan, an eco-enthusiast and a forever-student of sustainable living. With Kemerton Refresh & Refill, she aims to share what she has learned with her community and the world through the power of the Internet. 


You can purchase refillable glass bottles at Kemerton Refresh & Refill or bring in any container you have at home to refill with all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, spices, essential oils, olive oils, vinegars and so much more! 


Follow Refresh & Refill on Facebook for store hours and special events. A Grand Opening event will be in November so be on the lookout for your invitation! 


Kemerton Refresh and Refill is located at 82 Commerce Drive, Reading, PA 19610. The store phone number is (484) 577-4670. 

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